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“Qz Lounge” (Live365 Syndicated) – A Neo-soul flavored show….. Lounge style! By definition, neo-soul is a paradox. Neo meaning new - Soul is timeless. “Soul music” knows no boundaries. It was the birthplace of true hip hop, rock, and rhythm & blues. This is the music we lounge to!! A Lounge Session where address matters of the heart as well as raise social and political awareness one listener at a time. For the past 6 years, the message has always been, "Love" delivered through music and conversation. Be soothed by the atmosphere induced by Lounge host "Sirquon" with music from DJ Biggy Beats!

Icon Radio FM is one of the few internet radio stations that pays royalties for song play which make us as valuable to artist both mainstream and independent.  Founded in 2010, Icon Radio FM has expanded its reach to over 114 countries and serves a local community of over 470 thousand consumers.


Qz Lounge is committed to bringing positivity and togetherness to the air waves both in studio as well as live broadcast direct from businesses in any community!  The shows content & music is thought provoking and entertaining which has been the key formula to a multitude of successful promotional events in establishments across Southern California. 


Unwind, find your center, reminisce, reflect, and share this global couch. It’s “Qz Lounge”, where the heart and melody meets........come on in!!

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